Social Media is everywhere isn’t it?

Just when you thought you’d mastered Facebook, along came Twitter. And Linkedin, Google plus and more…

Not only that, but there are also tools and applications out there for managing social media profiles – such as hootsuite – do you need to master these as well? Do you need to be on all of these platforms? Will having an improved social media presence really result in more business?

These are all questions I have asked myself and I am particularly interested in getting to the specific answers related to the translations and interpreting market. After all, what works in one market doesn’t necessarily work in another, right?

Fortunately, there are some experts out there and one thing I firmly believe in is looking to the experts for their guidance in any particular field. In the world of translations and interpreting there are several professionals out there who are both experts in social media and specialists in translation. Not only that, but we are lucky enough to have them on the show! Back in episode 26, I talked to the very knowledgable Catherine Christakicheck out her interview out here – and today it is the turn of equally well-informed Gala Gil Amat.

Both interviews are very entertaining and packed with high-quality content. If you are serious about implementing a social media strategy for your translations business, I highly recommend that you listen to them both.

Right, let me tell you about Gala. Gala is a translator working from English, French, Catalan and Polish into Spanish, who combines freelancing with studies in Translation and Interpreting in the University of Alicante (Spain), although she is currently studying in Warsaw, Poland!

Not only does she translate, but she is also seriously involved in Social Media. I say seriously because she is one of the most recognised language / translation tweeters and she is also a Certified Hootsuite Professional. Hootsuite is what is known as a “scheduling tool” which you can use to set up tweets or other social media updates to go out at different times. It’s a very useful tool and we’ll learn more about it in Gala’s interview, time to start listening!

If you want to get in touch with Gala she is, of course, very active on different social media and online platforms.

One of the easiest ways to get in touch is via Twitter: @transGalator or check out her blog here:

That’s it for now, a big thank you to all of our listeners, it is fantastic to be able to count with your support!

All the best!


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