I discovered Else Gellinek through her fabulous blog, Sprachrausch. I might not be able to say it very well, but it is certainly packed with some very valuable information for translators. Make sure you check out the Resources section, a very thorough compilation of extremely useful links.

As for today’s interview, well, it was just great to talk to Else. She is very open and charming and loves to talk about translations and translators, so I am absolutely 100% sure you will enjoy the interview!

We talked about, among other things, working as an in-house translator, developing as a freelancer and finding new clients, as well as living in Germany and translator associations – so I think it’s fair to say this is an action-packed episode.

She also writes stuff on her blog that others might not dare to…check out this post for example: Networking Blunders

In conclusion, another great interview from someone who is both passionate and very knowledgable about the profession, and only too happy to share her experience and insights with all of us, thank you Else!

Finally, as I mentioned in the show, voting for the Proz Community Choice awards is now underway. If you like the show, please give us your vote, it would be much appreciated, and it would also help the 100 Percent Translations Podcast to reach an even wider audience.

Thank you very much, and until next time,

All the best!


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