Webinars are definitely changing the way we are learning – I just love how the effective use of technology grants us access to experts from all over the world.


How do webinars work?  Can you get CPD points by attending webinars? What topics are available? Get the answers to all of these questions and much more by listening to this episode of the podcast.


Entrepreneur and translator Lucy Brooks started eCPD webinars in response to client demand and in this session she tells us the amazing story of how it has evolved.  Maia Figueroa, a very experienced literary translator and eCPD’s Customer Relations Director, joins us on the call to explain where the company is at right now.


The interview is really fun to listen to – but perhaps more importantly than that – Lucy and Maia highlight the importance of online learning as part of the overall, bigger picture and it think would be worthwhile for all of us to take a couple of minutes to consider how we can best use webinars and other online tools to develop our own individual skill-sets.  Thank you very much Lucy and Maia!


Here are the links from today’s show:


eCPD Webinars:




How to Make More Money as a Translator:




Improve your Business English Conversation:




All the best and until next time!



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