The translation industry is changing – few would dispute that – but how are the changes going to affect you in the future?  Can you adapt to future changes and thrive under new market conditions?


Christelle Maignan, experienced translator and qualified coach, is here to guide us through times of change: how to adapt, how to take advantage of new opportunities, how to ensure we have the right mindset and more!  Check out the interview below and make sure you have yourself covered!


This podcast provides a great introduction to the topic, but to find out more, I suggest you sign up for Christelle’s webinar course, but hurry, it starts on December 1st!  Here is the link:


and here is the link to Christelle’s Website:


Here are some of the other links mentioned on the show:


Webinar on Websites, SEO and PPC for Translators and Interpreters:


Webinar Course on Financial Markets and Acccounting for Translators:


How to Make More Money as a Translator Audio Course:


Intrakit Glossaries from Code Switch Media:


Standing Out Facebook Page:


Finally, thanks for listening and thanks for all of your support in 2015, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I’ll be back with more in 2016…


All the very best!




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