Happy New Year!

Have a really great 2016, make things happen and enjoy yourself!

One area that has interested me for quite some time is that of location-independence – the idea of running businesses from anywhere in the world, perhaps not in terms of working from my laptop on the beach (although I do like the beach) but really in terms of having global reach – getting clients and interacting with market players from all over the world.  What about you?  Do you want to be a location-independent translator?


So, I thought I would explore some of these themes in the latest episode, check it out and let me know what you think!


By the way, there are some concepts that apply to clients as well (i.e. getting clients from different parts of the world) so even if you are perfectly happy living and working in your location (nothing wrong with that!) you might find it interesting to look at location-independence in terms of clients.


I mention in the show that I am doing some webinars on Web Design, SEO and PPC – and having a working knowledge of these areas could really help drive your business forward, and make 2016 your most successful yet!  Check them out here:




(The dates are 27 Jan, 3 Feb and 10 Feb, by the way – see you there!)


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