Interpreting 1 with Daria Kazakova

This is the first of 3 podcasts dedicated to interpreters and interpreting, and we start off with Daria Kazakova, a Russian Interpreter with extensive experience as a conference interpreter.  In fact, Daria shares such great insights and information that the interview ran on for over an hour, so I have divided it into 2 separate podcasts, of which this is the first.

I have now recorded all three sessions (two with Daria and one with Robert) and I really think they are really worth listening to if you are interested in working in the field of interpreting – please let me know what you think!

Below I list some of the contacts mentioned by Daria in the show, together with her comments:

JULIA POGER, AIIC Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course Director, world-class conference interpreter.

ANDREW CLIFFORD, Professional Development Series in Conference Interpreting, Director. York University, Glendon College.
Andrew’s blog might also be of interest to beginners:

DR. LYNN VISSON, a now retired UN interpreter,
I attended a handful of Lynn’s workshops back in Moscow, and I’ve been very proud and honored to be Lynn’s student at Glendon.

If you wish to get in touch with Daria, please look her up on Linkedin, or drop her a line at the following email address:


All the best!


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