ATA Chicago Mashup

What a wonderful event in Chicago.  Whether you we there, couldn’t go, or even if you’ve never been to or never even heard of the ATA Conference – If you’re a translator or interpreter you really should listen to this episode!


David Rumsey

President Elect of the ATA

Diana Dudgeon

EnglishEspañol Bilingual Solutions

Elias Shakkour

Instructor of Interpreting and Translation, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

Francesca Samuel

Administrator of the ATA Spanish Division

Spanish Interpreter / Translator

A LA CARTE Translations

Guillaum Beliard

Senior Translations Project Manager at Global LT

Justin Rice

Sales Representative, Broca

Leah Leone

Assistant Professor, Translation and Interpreting Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Meredith Mian

Department Manager, Transperfect

Trevor Osborn

Spanish to English Freelance Translator

Maria Laura Mazza

Official Translator (Uruguay) ATA Certified for English to Spanish

Claudia Franco

Official Translator (Uruguay) ATA Certified for English to Spanish

Cecilia Gonzalez

Official Translator (Uruguay) ATA Certified for English to Spanish


Thanks to everyone for participating in the interviews!

All the best,


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