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100 PCT 037: How to be a Location-Independent Translator

Happy New Year! Have a really great 2016, make things happen and enjoy yourself! One area that has interested me for quite some time is that of location-independence - the idea of running businesses from anywhere in the world, perhaps not in terms of working from my laptop on the beach (although I do like [...]

100 PCT 036: The Future-Proof Translator with Christelle Maignan

The translation industry is changing - few would dispute that - but how are the changes going to affect you in the future?  Can you adapt to future changes and thrive under new market conditions?   Christelle Maignan, experienced translator and qualified coach, is here to guide us through times of change: how to adapt, [...]

100 PCT 035: The Energetic Francesca Samuel on Associations, Interpreting and More!

I met Francesca last year at the ATA Conference in Chicago and what a fun, energetic and enthusiastic person she is!  She was my "Buddy" at that, my first conference, and showed me the ropes and pointed me in the right direction - she was really helpful and kind.   Francesca Samuel runs a translation [...]

Websites for Translators and Interpreters

The internet is nothing new anymore, it seems that it´s always been around, and now it´s such a part of our everyday lives that we take it for granted.   But the internet is changing.  Or perhaps just the way we use it is changing, and this applies to our business lives as well and in [...]

How to Make More Money as a Translator SPECIAL OFFER!

Click on the Links below to get the LIMITED TIME OFFER PRICE of $29 instead of $39! I am very pleased to be able to announce that I have now finished and released my 14-lesson audio course "How to Make More Money as a Translator".   Here are the course details:   14-lesson Audio Course [...]

100 PCT 034: Webinars with Lucy and Maia from eCPD Webinars

Webinars are definitely changing the way we are learning - I just love how the effective use of technology grants us access to experts from all over the world.   How do webinars work?  Can you get CPD points by attending webinars? What topics are available? Get the answers to all of these questions and [...]

100 PCT 033: Judy Jenner Part II

Here's part II of Judy's interview.   I don't have much else to add, apart from the fact that it was a really enjoyable interview packed with real business advice. I hope you enjoy it!   If you would like to get in touch with Judy, check out the following:       www.twintranslations.com http://translationtimes.blogspot.com.co [...]

100 PCT 032: Judy Jenner Part I

I have the pleasure in welcoming another industry expert, Judy Jenner, to the show!   Judy is the author of The Entrepreneurial Linguist (along with her twin sister, Dagmar). She is also an interpreter, translator, company owner, speaker and really an all-round superstar within the world of translating and interpreting, so as you can imagine [...]

100 PCT 031: Corinne McKay Part II

Corinne McKay Part II Part II of this hugely popular interview is out now, do not miss this one! Thanks again to Corinne for her massively relevant content, delivered in her own friendly and easy-to-understand style. I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!   If you want to find out more, check out the following [...]

The Standing Out Mashups

I am part of the Standing Out Group on Facebook, a pretty cool place for translators to hang out and have a bit of a chat.  If you want to know what it's all about, I've released two podcasts of interviews with members of the group.     I interviewed over 10 people in total [...]

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