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100 PCT 023: Entrepreneurial Journey with Marta Stelmaszak

Back to the interviews! I am going back to the interview format for at least the next few sessions, probably even more. These sessions are always very popular as they enable us to get into the minds of some of the most successful translators out there, and pick up a few tips along the way! [...]

100 PCT 022: How to Make Sure you Get Paid

Getting paid is important in all businesses! For freelance translators running their own businesses, it is paramount, and while 99% of business transactions flow smoothly, what should one do with those tricky situations? How can you deal with non-payers? Or those that delay and delay? In this episode, I deal with some of those issues. [...]

100 PCT 021: How to Project Manage other Translators

You might decide at some point to take on more work and have other translators work for you. It is not an easy decision - sure there can be some advantages, but there are disadvantages too. So have a listen to this episode, I share some of my experiences and hope to be able to [...]

100 PCT 020: Selling Translations Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of Selling Translations I hope this proves useful for both company owners and freelance translators. Please let me have your comments and questions! Thanks and all the best, Paul

100 PCT 019: Selling Translations Part 1 of 2

Selling translations is so important and this turned out to be a bigger topic than I had originally envisaged, hence the 2 episodes. Episode 2 will be released exactly 2 weeks after Episode 1, on 16th April 2015. Please let me have your answers to the question I pose at the end of the podcast [...]

100 PCT 018: How to tackle Big Translation Jobs

There are certain differences between carrying out a small translation and carrying out a big translation job. The difference in size and time it will take you lead to a few nuances that are well worth keeping in mind, and I discuss some of them in this audio. I thought I would share my thoughts [...]

100PCT 017: Marketing Tips with Tess Whitty

Tess is an not only an experienced translator but also a marketing expert, and combines these two disciplines to very good effect. In this interview, she offers some very sound social media advice, talks about how she got started, podcasting, writing and more! Don't miss this one! You can buy Tess's book via amazon (I [...]

100PCT 016: My First Time with Déjà vu

I am not a CAT Tools expert, by any means, but I do believe that this area is going to have a significant impact on translators in the years to come. I wanted to talk about my experience of using Déjà Vu for the first time. Generally, it was a great experience, and certainly saved [...]

100PCT 015: The Curse of Perfection

The Curse of Perfection For sure, this podcast raises more questions than it answers, among them: Is it acceptable for translators to submit documents that are not perfect? How should translators balance perfection with efficiency? Should translators offer different options to clients, in terms of quality? This is a pretty interesting topic and one that [...]

100PCT 014: Standing Out with Andrew Morris

Standing Out with Andrew Morris I hope everyone is having a great 2015, and here is a really awesome podcast to kick off the year. Andrew Morris is a very interesting guy: A high-quality French to English translator, he directs a Translations Studio from Provence in the South of France. He also runs the extremely [...]