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100PCT 004 Podcast Transcription: Interview with Rocky Citro

Introduction: Welcome to the 100 Percent Translations Podcast. Information and advice for translators and those who are just passionate about languages and business. Here's your host, Paul Urwin! Paul: Hello and welcome to Session No. 4 of the 100 Percent Translations podcast. I'm Paul and I've got a fantastic interview for you today, with Rocky [...]

100PCT 004: Interview with Rocky Citro

In this session I have a fantastic interview with Rocky Citro, Director of www.technical-edit.com Rocky shares his story, talking about editing, travel and languages and how he got started in the business. Rocky is a great guy with some excellent tips and advice. Check it out!

100PCT 003: How to Quote Document Translations

How to Quote Document Translations Session No. 3 is live! Hi everyone, in this session of the 100 Percent Translations Podcast I talk about how to quote your documents for translation – per hour, per word or per page? I also discuss the importance of being able to estimate the number of words in a particular document and whether or not you should charge a minimum fee. In the quick tip, a useful application for when you are working with pdf documents: www.nitropdf.com […]

100PCT 002: 10 Key Characteristics of Successful Translators

Session No. 2 is here! In this session I discuss 10 Key Characteristics which I believe are important for great translators. Of course, there are probably many others that could be included, please let me know which ones you would include! My list for Key Characteristics of Successful Translators is: 1. Linguistic Ability 2. Good Communication 3. Formatting ability 4. Ability to work with clients 5. Self-motivating 6. Computer skills 7. Know their limits 8. Hard working 9. Perfectionist 10. Great Attitude! […]

100PCT 001: The Importance of Quality Translations

The 100% Translations Podcast is finally here! I am really pleased to be able to announce the launch of the 100 Percent Languages Podcast. I have been working on this for sometime now, and I’ve finally got round to pulling the trigger and getting it live! The idea behind the podcast is to explore themes within the translations industry which I am very passionate about and to be able to interact with other professionals from around the world. Have a listen and please let me know what you think! The shows should be available to download from iTunes in a couple of days. Podcast Session 1: The Importance of Quality Translations. […]

100PCT 002 Podcast Transcription: 10 Key Characteristics of Successful Translators

Hello! Welcome to Session Number 2 of the 100 Percent Translations Podcast. I’m Paul Urwin and I’m looking forward to talking to you today about translations, in particular 10 characteristics of a great translator.