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100 PCT 037: How to be a Location-Independent Translator

Happy New Year! Have a really great 2016, make things happen and enjoy yourself! One area that has interested me for quite some time is that of location-independence - the idea of running businesses from anywhere in the world, perhaps not in terms of working from my laptop on the beach (although I do like [...]

100PCT 016: My First Time with Déjà vu

I am not a CAT Tools expert, by any means, but I do believe that this area is going to have a significant impact on translators in the years to come. I wanted to talk about my experience of using Déjà Vu for the first time. Generally, it was a great experience, and certainly saved [...]

100PCT 005 Podcast Transcription: CAT Tools with Andrew Martin

Introduction: Welcome to the 100 Percent Translations Podcast. Information and advice for translators and those who are just passionate about languages and business. Here's your host, Paul Urwin! Paul: Hello everyone! Paul here, and welcome to Session No. 5 of the 100 Percent Translations podcast. Hope you are all doing well and I've got an [...]