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100PCT 017: Marketing Tips with Tess Whitty

Tess is an not only an experienced translator but also a marketing expert, and combines these two disciplines to very good effect. In this interview, she offers some very sound social media advice, talks about how she got started, podcasting, writing and more! Don't miss this one! You can buy Tess's book via amazon (I [...]

100PCT 016: My First Time with Déjà vu

I am not a CAT Tools expert, by any means, but I do believe that this area is going to have a significant impact on translators in the years to come. I wanted to talk about my experience of using Déjà Vu for the first time. Generally, it was a great experience, and certainly saved [...]

100PCT 015: The Curse of Perfection

The Curse of Perfection For sure, this podcast raises more questions than it answers, among them: Is it acceptable for translators to submit documents that are not perfect? How should translators balance perfection with efficiency? Should translators offer different options to clients, in terms of quality? This is a pretty interesting topic and one that [...]

100PCT 014: Standing Out with Andrew Morris

Standing Out with Andrew Morris I hope everyone is having a great 2015, and here is a really awesome podcast to kick off the year. Andrew Morris is a very interesting guy: A high-quality French to English translator, he directs a Translations Studio from Provence in the South of France. He also runs the extremely [...]

100PCT 013: American Translators Association Chicago Mashup

ATA Chicago Mashup What a wonderful event in Chicago.  Whether you we there, couldn't go, or even if you've never been to or never even heard of the ATA Conference - If you're a translator or interpreter you really should listen to this episode! Featuring: David Rumsey President Elect of the ATA Diana Dudgeon [...]

100PCT 012: The Adventurous Interpreter Robert Finnegan

This is the third and final (for the time being!) in a series on interpreting.  Welcome Robert Finnegan, former UN interpreter and translator, who has plied his trade in some slightly-less-than-common locations such as the Amazon in Brazil and East Timor. Robert is a very interesting chap - not your typical 9-to-5er, and here he [...]

Paul Urwin from the 100 Percent Translations Podcast interviews David Rumsey, President Elect of the ATA

Paul Urwin from the 100 Percent Translations Podcast interviews President Elect of the ATA - David Rumsey, a really great interview from #ata55 The full ata mashup podcast #ata55 featuring all of Paul´s interviews will be out on December 4th, check out the other 100 Percent Translations podcasts out on iTunes: All the [...]

100PCT 011: Interpreting 2 with Daria Kazakova

The second part of the interview with Daria Kazakova - we discuss interpreting courses, how to work with presenters' different accents and much more! If you haven't heard Daria yet, the first part of the interview is in Podcast Session No. 10. All the best! Paul

100PCT 008 Podcast Transcription: Literal or Modifed Translations?

Introduction: Welcome to the 100 Percent Translations Podcast. Information and advice for translators and those who are just passionate about languages and business. Here's your host, Paul Urwin! Paul: Hello, Paul here, and welcome to Session No. 8 of the 100 Precent Translations podcast. Today, I want to talk to you about the difference between [...]

100PCT 010: Interpreting 1 with Daria Kazakova

Interpreting 1 with Daria Kazakova This is the first of 3 podcasts dedicated to interpreters and interpreting, and we start off with Daria Kazakova, a Russian Interpreter with extensive experience as a conference interpreter.  In fact, Daria shares such great insights and information that the interview ran on for over an hour, so I have [...]