100 PCT 031: Corinne McKay Part II

Corinne McKay Part II Part II of this hugely popular interview is out now, do not miss this one! Thanks again to Corinne for her massively relevant content, delivered in her own friendly and easy-to-understand style. I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!   If you want to find out more, check out the following [...]

The Standing Out Mashups

I am part of the Standing Out Group on Facebook, a pretty cool place for translators to hang out and have a bit of a chat.  If you want to know what it's all about, I've released two podcasts of interviews with members of the group.     I interviewed over 10 people in total [...]

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100 PCT 030: Corinne McKay Part I

Corinne McKay is on the show! Well, I feel very blessed to be able to welcome the awesome Corinne McKay on the show.  The interview was fantastic and jam-packed with real, actionable, value!  Because of this, I've divided the interview into 2 parts - and here is Part I! Of course, Corinne is one of [...]

100 PCT 028: Social Scheduling and Hootsuite with Gala Gil Amat

Social Media is everywhere isn't it? Just when you thought you'd mastered Facebook, along came Twitter. And Linkedin, Google plus and more... Not only that, but there are also tools and applications out there for managing social media profiles - such as hootsuite - do you need to master these as well? Do you need [...]

100 PCT 025: The Invisible Toolkit with Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris - translator, speaker, author and thinker - is on the show again to talk about the invisible toolkit, and the impact it can have on our work as translators. I was delighted to have Andrew on the show again - mainly because he provides so much great value for listeners.  He is clearly [...]

100PCT 001 Podcast Transcription: The Importance of Quality Translations

Welcome to the 100 Percent Translations Podcast – information and advice for translators and those who are just passionate about languages and business. Here’s your host, Paul Urwin.

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100PCT 003 Podcast Transcription: How to Quote Document Translations

Hello everyone! Welcome to Session No. 3 of the 100 Percent Translations Podcast. I’m Paul Urwin and I’m going to talk to you today about how to quote your documents for translation. We also have a quick tip towards the end of the show, where I will be talking about a very useful PDF application.

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