It’s been a little while since I’ve released a new episode of the show and it would seem that it’s well-and-truly on-hold right now!


I would love to get back to producing shows on a regular basis, but I have been really focused on some of my other projects this year, such as developing my translation and interpreting business in Colombia, and, as well as the international business, which is developing into a hybrid between a translation company and a content-marketing agency.


In fact, the development of has been quite amazing, and the company has now set up four clearly-defined lines of business – the two translation sites mentioned above, together with and   Building businesses is an amazing experience – something that takes a lot of time and a huge amount of effort, but it’s also very satisfying, especially when a company starts to take on a culture and identity of its own.


For me, the producing the show has also been a wonderful experience, and there are still a number of great people out there on my “to interview” list, so I do intend to come back to it at some point.  In fact, not only do I have people in mind, new names seem to crop up on a regular basis, such is the dynamic nature of this industry.


Before I get back to releasing new material, I can really recommend you have a look through the podcast archives.  There are some amazing interviews there….with some of the big names in the business – Judy Jenner, Corinne McKay, Andrew Morris…and more!


Of course there are some other great podcasts out there as well, and Tess Whitty over at continues to do an outstanding job in discussing relevant industry issues, and there is also a relatively new show over at which is also well worth a listen.


Let me wrap up by saying a big THANK-YOU to all of the listeners, I really appreciate all of your positive feedback, interactions, comments and passion for the industry in which we work….keep up the enthusiasm and I look forward to catching up with you some time, either on the show, at an industry event, or, somewhere else…who knows!


All the best!



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