I was really pleased to see a review of my audio course on the fantastic translators’ blog linguagreca.com.  After all, I could talk all day about my beliefs and recommendations and why I think the course can help translators to push on to the next level in their business, but when someone else is giving an independent review, that means a lot.

So, thanks very much to Jesse (www.tomlinsontranslations.com) for writing the review and Catherine (www.linguagreca.com) for posting it on the blog, much appreciated!

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Let Paul Urwin’s voice be your guide on a focused, entrepreneurial journey through social media, sales, negotiating and general information about how to generate more money in your translation business.

Sales, according to Paul, results in more freedom and more money. Selling is converting a prospect (a potential client) into a paying client. It involves sending proposals, monitoring, and then the juicy bit, closing the deal.

My greatest takeaway from the course, besides a trove of tasty tips, is that quality is the cornerstone of your business. Quality is often a given in the business of translation, but it’s worth going over your texts and services and making sure that you’re over-delivering with insider cultural knowledge, subject specific expertise and impeccable service. When you’ve got that in the bag, you’re more than halfway there … to making more money as a translator!

If you would like to read it in full, click here:


And finally, if you haven’t got yourself a copy yet, check out the link below to buy at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE of $29

Buy “How to Make More Money as a Translator” for $29

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