The internet is nothing new anymore, it seems that it´s always been around, and now it´s such a part of our everyday lives that we take it for granted.


But the internet is changing.  Or perhaps just the way we use it is changing, and this applies to our business lives as well and in particular to our endeavours as translators and interpreters.


Once upon a long ago, it seemed like a good idea for many freelance translators and interpreters and small businesses to set up a website.  Many followed that good advice, but unfortunately their website is not delivering on its primary purpose: to help the freelancer or small business get more clients.


Why is that?  Well, because sometimes freelancers might just be “going through the motions” of setting up a website, to be able to say “Yes, I have a website”, but what does it actually achieve?


Of course, many freelance translators don’t actually have a site up-and-running yet and if that’s you, my advice is to get started – it really isn’t as difficult as you might think – and I can show you how it’s done.


And if you already have a site, take a moment to analyse it objectively (or ask a friend or colleague to take a look) and ask yourself some of the following questions:


How would you describe the design of the site?  Modern?  Clean?  Clunky?


Do you have any “Calls to Action” on your site?  In other words, what are you directing your visitors to do once they have found your site?  Call you up for a quote?  Fill in a contact form?  Join your mailing list?


Is it easy for a visitor to find what they are looking for?  Is it easy to navigate around the site?


Of course, there are many other questions we could ask, but I suggest you start with these and start to have a think about why you have a website and what you are trying to achieve.  The internet is a powerful tool and your website can be so much more than a simple advertisement – it can be used very effectively to attract visitors, encourage them to take appropriate action, generate prospects and get more clients!


If you would like to find out more, I am running a series of webinars with The Alexandria Library starting in January.  For more information, and to reserve your spot, click here:


All the best!



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